The Henley Way

The Henley Way

The Henley Long Day Care Way

Why Henley Long Day Care?

At Henley Long Day Care our aim in to provide warm, caring and nurturing interactions with all children. The educators at Henley are well resourced, equipped and passionate about their profession; maintaining healthy staff and parent relationships and working with the children through a child-interest led program, yet having the knowledge to extend their learning using both their experience and education, as we help children become lifelong learners.

Henley Long Day Care Philosophy

  • Provide children with an opportunity to share their voice, as they become confident and involved learners. 
  • Provide an environment that is welcoming and includes a variety of areas for children to explore and develop mutual trust and respect for each other
  • To build a storng connection with the wider community including nursing homes, primary schools, high schools and community workers to educate the children about the wider community in which they live in
  • We embed the practice of caring for our environment into our daily routines by encouraging responsible practices such as gardening, recycling, composting, etc.
  • We celebrate all cultures through in depth learning such as art, music, dance, sport and language on a daily basis
  • To have fun and enjoy being with each other and playing in small and large groups each day - K.C (Parent input)
  • Our program supports socialisation, builds children's confidence, independance, creativitiy and well-being - R.H (Parent input)
  • We provide a learning envrionment that prioritises diversity encouraging an understanding of CALD communities, supported by diversity within the educators - R.H (Parent and team member input)
  • We acknowledge and embed learning about the indigenous Australians and our first nation communities into our daily routines and practices
  • We believe that school readiness begins while your child is in the nursery and continues through the years until they transition to preschool
  • Provide the children with opportunities to participate in sports, STEM, social play, creativity and language experiences daily (Children's input)
  • Supporting professional learning of pre-service students in the centre from local schools, TAFE, training college and Universities
  • An environment that supports and promotes children's safe and healthy lifestyles through healthy eating and physical activities

The Henley Philosophy has been written with input by Educators, Parents and Children.

Affinity Education Group

Our centre is part of an Australia-wide network of early learning centres owned and operated by Affinity Education Group. There are more than 150 early learning centres across Australia.

Affinity Education Group’s primary focus is to provide children in our care with the highest standard early education programs, through the provision of localised education programs that align with the relevant curriculum requirements in each state.

Regardless of the centre or brand, every Affinity child is cared for equally and given the same opportunities to shine. Affinity educators are leaders in the early childhood education field, and partner with parents of children in our care to create positive outcomes for each child.

Affinity has a clear vision to see each of the shining stars within our care grow up to be inspiring, capable, confident individuals who tread a continuous path of learning. We all strive to achieve this by bringing out the magic of kids in everything we do. That’s the Affinity Way.

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